Kill The Rapist? You Decide!


On December 16, 2012 a 23 year-old female medical student in New Delhi was viciously/brutally/horrendously gang raped and subsequently died from the trauma her body sustained thirteen days later in the hospital. Outnumbered 6:1 on a rouge city bus (7:1 when you include the driver who wheeled the mobile-rape-bus shit-show across town).

In an article from

“The student was heading home with a male friend after an evening showing of the movie “Life of Pi” in the heart of Delhi, when they got into a private bus. Six men on the bus beat the man with a metal bar, raped the woman and used the bar to inflict massive internal injuries.”

The victims name was never released so pseudonyms such as Delhi Braveheart are used in her memory.

Yesterday, December 16, 2013 was the one year anniversary of Braveheart’s death and coincidentally (?) also the release date for “Kill The Rapist?” film trailer.

Horror Films creep up in times of social upheaval and the gruesome rape and murder of Braveheart was subsequently responsible for opening up an intense public conversation/debate about the laws surrounding violence against women in New Delhi.


“New laws have made stalking, voyeurism and sexual harassment a crime. There is now a fast-track court for rape cases. In some ways, the case cracked a cultural taboo surrounding discussion of sexual violence in a country where rape is often viewed as a woman’s personal shame to bear.”

The above sentiment is echoed in the words of Braveheart’s mother: “The shame is the rapist’s, not yours.”

It is no surprise then that Bollywood is starting to see an increase in “Rape Revenge” films.


KILL THE RAPIST? Is a fascinating marketing tactic while also a way to keep discourse open about the laws surrounding violence against women and how its dealt with in public forums. The filmmakers want you to go the ol’ gladiator style thumbs up or thumb down to decide the climax of the film.

The trailer:


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