my solo directorial debut!

I am so excited to finally be able to share the music video I directed & cut for Todd Michael Schultz song “Survive.” It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and even though there is an underlying vulnerability about sharing this I couldn’t be more proud of what we accomplished. I am going to be putting out a blog post about this tomorrow with more depth. In the meantime it would mean so much if you checked it out and shared it.

This was my first solo directed project and I taught myself how to edit as I went. Definitely an incredible learning experience! Thank you for the support! Now I get to look forward to this weekend when the same badass cast & crew all converge at my place to shoot the WiHM PSA segment!

Song: Survive
Artist: Todd Michael Schultz

Chris Dubey
Rina-Fay London

Directed & Edited by Hannah Neurotica
Director of Photography Tony Capes

Set Design & Assistant Director: Manda Brezicky
Website Model: Sasha Balch
House of Bridget Website / Crew: Ken Bergmann & Jason Spadaro
Title Artwork: Miki Hickel
House of Bridget Logo & Illustration: Dexter Cockburn

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2 responses to “my solo directorial debut!

    • Jenny!!!! Thank you so much for checking it out!! Todd had a treatment and then I added my own spin to it.
      I am aching to do another music video! If you ever wanna collaborate I would come to NYC in a heartbeat.

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