“Zinecore Radio is hands down the best zine podcast out there. If you care about zines at all you owe it to yourself to give this podcast a try.”Persephone Pomegranate

Quickly after discovering the (at the time) free live internet radio platform BlogTalkRadio and realizing there were no shows dedicated to zines (or anything dealing with transgressive art) Hannah Neurotica filled the void on May 2, 2008 by launching “The Zine Radio Show” which quickly because ZINECORE Radio.  The goal was to bring another level of communication to the zine community via. exclusive interviews, live readings, open mic call-in shows, spoken word, academia,and all things that celebrated the underground artists and cult hero’s of transgressive self-expression in DIY culture.

The links below will take you to each episode. A database is slowly being built with detailed notes to accompany each episode. The overall goal is to preserve these as an audio documentary and box set for university zine libraries. This is a project that will be ongoing through 2015.

ZINECORE RADIO #18: Alison Piepmeier & Andi Zeisler

ZINECORE RADIO #17: Stephen Duncombe & Rachel Haywire

ZINECORE RADIO #16: Johanna Fateman, Kathleen Hanna, Jenna Freedman

ZINECORE RADIO #15: The Open Mic Episode

ZINECORE RADIO #14: Lydia Lunch

ZINECORE RADIO #13: Bruce LaBruce

ZINECORE RADIO #12: Nick Zedd, Victor Bonacore, Ruby LaRocca

ZINECORE RADIO #11: Richard Kern

ZINECORE RADIO #10: Cristy Road + Michelle Tea

ZINECORE RADIO #9: Business of Zines Open Discussion

ZINECORE RADIO #8: Mike Diana + Jenny Devil Doll

ZINECORE RADIO #7: Pagan Kennedy [co-hosted by Sage Adderely]

ZINECORE RADIO #6: Dave Fried, Greg Butterfield, Sage Adderely

ZINECORE RADIO #5: Fawne DeRosia, Sage Adderely, Jenny Devil Doll

ZINECORE RADIO #4: Jolie Drama + Nomy Lamm

ZINECORE RADIO#3: Nicole Introvert, Prunella Vulgaris, Andrew Shearer

ZINECORE RADIO #2: Melissa Ann Cook + Sassafras Lowery + Alex Wrekk

ZINECORE RADIO #1: Jessica Lynn Wilber + Sarah Arr!
Listen to Zinecore Radio on Blog Talk Rad

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